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    Irish graphic designers Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy whos frustrated by not very smart client criticism, decided to turn their “favorite worst feedback” into posters. The guys worked together on so-called “Sharp Suits” series with a team of other ad creatives, designers, animators, directors, illustrators and more, who must’ve all appreciated a chance to let out some of their exasperation in a creative way.

    The series was exhibited at The Little Green Café, Bar and Gallery in November, giving a chance to purchase an A3 poster of your choice. The guys, however, received so many orders during a 5 day exhibition, that they’ve already stopped accepting them. All the thousands of euros they claim to have raised were donated to the Temple Street Children Hospital.

    As a designer myself, I’m aware that these kind of feedback will come to me if not now, someday. But the key in any business is communication. Therefore, if we were to receive any feedback that is a bit absurd or vague, let us all designers give a piece of our mind in the best polite way as possible.

    Anyway, lets take a closer look at the posters that they made. It’s very interesting


    sharp-suits-worst-client-comment-posters-24 sharp-suits-worst-client-comment-posters-25

    sharp-suits-worst-client-comment-posters-10 sharp-suits-worst-client-comment-posters-9 sharp-suits-worst-client-comment-posters-8 sharp-suits-worst-client-comment-posters-7 sharp-suits-worst-client-comment-posters-6 sharp-suits-worst-client-comment-posters-5 sharp-suits-worst-client-comment-posters-3 sharp-suits-worst-client-comment-posters-2 sharp-suits-worst-client-comment-posters-1 sharp-suits-worst-client-comment-posters-16 sharp-suits-worst-client-comment-posters-13 sharp-suits-worst-client-comment-posters-12



    You can view all the posters here: http://www.boredpanda.com/sharp-suits-worst-client-comment-posters/

    Until then, client or designers, just be good to each other. Talk to you guys soon!


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