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    At the beginning of every single project, after selecting the best design for the client, we always browse through high quality photos that are related to our client’s business for demo purposes. We definitely use the best one because good photo captures the eyes and can make a basic design website look modern. However bad photos can change the whole perspective of a website, no matter how beautiful the website design is.

    That’s why choosing good photos is crucial! But make sure you know the client’s taste first before selecting any.

    Here we are today, sharing with you guys some websites that offer high quality photos to download without costing you a single penny!Of course, if you make money out of it, obviously you can donate few dollars to these sites. Because taking photos takes effort, effort means going places and going places means spending money. Be kind because they are. So  here are those kind hearted people who are so good in taking photos, that they decided to give us “not so rich people” to use it for free:

    1. Pexels

    Pexels · Find Free High Quality Photos


    2. Unsplash





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