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    Well every website owners want to have a better rank. And every website owner wants to be listed on the first page.

    Question is , HOW? There are so many studies, tonnes of research and thousands of tips on how to get better rank.

    Therefore, the best way is the many ways that we SHOULD try and test, so that we can dig out which way works best for our website.

    1. First and most important part surely is the CONTENT. Control+C then¬†Control+V might be the fastest and easiest solution to have multiple articles. However this can’t promise you a good spot in the google search page. So your content should :

    • Have longer content because it usually ranks better
    • Try include relevant images if possible


    2. Get shorter domains. It can guarantee you higher rank. No joke!

    3. Register domain for a longer period of time. Google will assume it is permanent and rate you higher sooner.

    4. Keyword, Darlings! Place them early in the title include your keyword in the meta description title and body of the content.

    5. Backlinks of course. Backlinks are when another website, preferably one that gets more hits than yours, links to your page. Find websites that are in the same vein as yours and see if they’d be willing to do some cross promotion. You can also contact relevant blogs and ask about guest posting, giving you another chance to link to your site.
    Remember, you want these backlinks to be quality. Google can tell the difference. Do not spam comment sections trying to build backlinks for yourself. You will be docked for this behavior.

    So there you go for the first attempt in getting better rank in 2015.If you want better information on how to rank better, you can always contact us or give us a call. Thanks for dropping by and have a nice weekend people!


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